My cool creative composite – I’m trapped in a camera

I have heard that every picture is a small piece of a soul. This idea got my mind spinning, What if a camera actually stole the souls of whoever was in the frame? This “self-portrait” of sorts was my interpretation of that idea.



This was a fun photo to make. The process was fairly straightforward. I took the two photos myself and then brought them into photoshop. In photoshop I cut myself out of the original photo and cut out the glass part of the lens. I blended them together with the soft light blending mode. I also added spherical distortion to myself to make it look more like I was in the lens.

I shot through the window of my apartment to really sell the idea that I was against a piece of glass. I also wanted the “dingy” look on the window to make the lens look older and give me a ghostly look.


Thankfully my camera can connect to my phone so I was able to look at my framing and push the shutter from inside my home without any help. I am also glad no one decided to snatch my camera while it was sitting outside “by itself.”

I surrounded my camera with a bunch of “junk” I had lying around. I wanted it to look like it was a forgotten camera surrounded by other forgotten things.


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