Themed Portraits Near the Tetons

It’s good to have a theme to spark some creativity in your portraits. You can change how the portrait is portrayed by adding a themed element to it. Here I have some examples of portraits themed with accessories. All these themed portraits have a prop with them.

Teton Hiker at the Tetons

AmberFugal_ThemedPortraits_Hiker Lady

These woman is looking for another adventure while sporting her Teton backpack at Grand Teton National Park.

Epic Hiker man

AmberFugal_ThemedPortraits_Hiker Guy

This hiker is looking for his next challenge. He is prepared and ready to go.

Sassy Fashion Star

AmberFugal_ThemedPortraits_Fur Coat

This fashionista is happy to get her portrait taken. She was caught unexpectedly at Grand Teton National Park.

Kory Burrows has many great themed portraits here. Go check him out!