Grand Teton National Park Scenery

The Teton’s have always been a big part of my life. I grew up skiing on them with my family and I see them just about every day in my backyard. It just made sense to go and take some pictures that featured them and the scenery around them in all their beauty.

Grand Teton National Park is known for its mountains, wildlife, and scenery. There is beauty everywhere in this area! I have not been known for my landscape photography, but I really wanted to branch out my skills and try to get some shots the would capture the essence of the Tetons in all their glory.

So I started my day early with this shot over a river. The colors in the early morning were wonderful. Since I don’t own a wide-angle lens I wasn’t about to capture the whole of the scene. So I stuck my camera on a tripod and got many panoramas. This made up a lot for the lack of lens options I had.

You don’t need to have a prime lens or even a mega-zoom lens to capture great images. I’ve been working with my kit lens and have figured out many ways to use it to its full potential. Here is a demonstration of how I bring the mountains close to me and close to my foreground. On the left, you see a stump with the Tetons far in the background. On the right, you see the stump with the Tetons almost looming over it. On the left, I didn’t zoom on my lens at all and was at 18 mm. On the right, I was zoomed in a far as I could go, 55mm, and stepped back to get the same framing. You can do the same thing in your pictures.

Here is a great example of showing off the scenery of Grand Teton National Park while also featuring the mountains. This is a fence at one of the hikes int he area. I loved the texture of the bark fro the tree they used to make the fence and wanted to show it off while also showing the Tetons. So I blurred the background enough to showcase the bark, but made sure to keep the prominent peaks in the picture to show off the majestic Tetons.

Here is an example of a phrase I have heard called, “Get down turn around.” This was a sheet of ice on the bank of a river. I was there getting the shot at the top of the page. I loved the jagged edges and depth of texture in the ice. I love this photo even though it doesn’t show the landscape of Grand Teton National Park, it shows the scenery.


Here is another panorama from my trip. I visited the Mormon Row Barns nearby and the rustic nature of these old barns was the perfect complement to the old rugged majesty of the Grand Tetons. The fall colors were beautiful and I wanted to capture the whole scene, not just the barn or the mountains.

You can find lots of other great pictures of Grand Teton National Park on National Geographic.