Tanner Fugal


What I Do

Team Player

I can direct and be directed. I love working in a collaborative environment. I have worked on many film sets and with many different crews. 


Worked with RED Scarlet, Ursa Mini Pro, Canon DSLR, Sony SF700, Sony DSLR, Sony C300, and ENG-style cameras. Experience operating many gimbals, including the Ronin. I love lighting and can work with a variety of lighting systems.


I know how to work with the RED IPP2 Log3G10  workflow within Davinci Resolve. I know how to get the most out of footage quickly and efficiently. 

Who I Am

DP, Colorist, Editor

I have 4 years of experience producing advertising video content for a variety of different businesses and organizations. I’m passionate about working with a team and the client to make effective and beautiful advertising. I’m a tech head and have experience working with a large variety of equipment and software. Please take a look at some of my recent work!

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‪(406) 640-4147




Let’s Work Together

Amber and Tanner are fun and easy to work with. We always want to help and learn.