Beautiful “studio” pictures without the hassle

I learned the acronym SQIBB from a teacher of mine named Caryn Esplin. She is very talented and a great teacher. She teaches with acronyms a lot and this one is no different. Studio Quality Invisible Black Background pictures can be taken anywhere as long as you have a powerful flash and your settings set correctly.

This picture was taken in a normal room, but because of the flash on her face, we only see what we want to see, not the unwanted background.



The focused light on this bag and skull really draws your attention to them. With the invisible black background, you can focus all your attention on whatever the photographer wants. This is one of the great perks of Studio quality pictures, but with SQIBB, you can get that result for a much cheaper price tag.



In this picture, I only wanted to show a portion of her face, so I made sure to only focus the light on the part of her face that I wanted to see. She really fades away into the black background on this picture. It’s very mysterious.