Capturing spray, sugar sprinkle, and water splash in photography

I love using fast shutter speed to capture and freeze objects in a photograph. It’s easy to freeze water droplets in sprays and splashes. Here I’m going to show you some of my best spray, sprinkle and splash photography.

I wanted to show the fine grains of sugar as they fell over this “floating” spoon. Instead of pouring the sugar right on top of the fruit, I wanted it to bounce off the spoon a little to make the photograph more interesting. I had to edit out the rigging used to hold the spoon up, but I think the floating nature of it is very interesting.


This is one of my best spray photos. I have featured it before in my Product Photography Blog Post. Make sure to check that out too. I love how the water stops mid-air as it’s sprayed at the cup.


These were some fun photos to capture. I haven’t had much experience with water drop photography, but I have always loved it. Here is a progression of the water drop splash as seen by my camera.

I have learned a lot in making these photos, I hope you have too. Make sure to check out Edible Perspective. They have great food photography and a great lesson on sugar sprinkle photography.