My Fine-Art Print

I have always loved printing and displaying my photos. It makes me feel like my photos have real value to people. I want to share my growing talent with more people and as I get better, I hope I can bring joy to some people through my photo prints.

I recently had an opportunity to print one of my photos to display in one of the buildings at my college. It was a great experience that taught me a lot about how to get pictures ready to print and what resources to use to have a good photo print.

I wanted to print something that was a little unusual or unseen, so I chose to print this photo of a piece of ice found on the edge of a pond. Here is the finished product that got sent to the printer.

AmberFugal_Ice Print

Here is the original photo before any editing.

AmberFugal_Ice Original

Here is me with my printed photo hanging on the wall at my school!


Mikko Lagerstedt has some great fine art prints to see and buy. Check them out!