Painting Photos With Light Outdoors

It’s fun and easy to take out a flashlight and set your shutter speed to a few seconds. But it takes a bit of creativity to make something awesome out of something not tangible.

Here is a fun example of painting with colored lights. If your subject holds still, you can paint behind them and get an awesome silhouette with the light design behind. A little fog is always a plus too.


Here is my first successful attempt at astrophotography. Unfortunately for me, the moon was full this night. It made this awesome astrophotography difficult. But I learned a lot from this experience and will take this to the next time I decide to stay up too late for some photography.

AmberFugal_Light Painting_Stars

This is a creative one I have wanted to do for a while. I’ve seen plenty of wizard effects made in post-production. But I wanted to paint the wizard’s spell with light. That way the whole picture is done in-camera. It was a fun experiment for awesome outdoor light painting photography.

AmberFugal_Light Painting_Wizard

I was working with a great model in this photo. They held very still while another helper made the fun light pattern behind them. Once the pattern was done behind the model the helper switched the light color and “splashed” a little light on the front of the model to give them some detail. I think it came out awesome.


This was an interesting and awesome picture. Using a bike tire wrapped in Christmas lights, someone spun around with the wheel while also spinning the tire. I decided to change the color to the light to give it some personality other than just white lights. I love working with awesome and intriguing tools to get awesome photography.


These outdoor light paintings were a challenge and took many attempts. But after some trial and error, anything can be accomplished. This taught me patience and creativity.

Check out the light painting done by Douglas Phan. He has some great examples of outdoor light painting.