My Casablanca classic movie poster remake

I have always loved the movie Casablanca. It is a classic that set the stage for many other movies after it. When I saw the movie poster for this movie recently, I thought to myself, “I wonder if I could do that too?” So that is what sparked this remake project. Here you see me (Amber) and my husband (Tanner) starring in Casablanca.

AmebrFugal_Casablanca PosterOriginal PosterI chose to do a few creative things in remaking this poster:

  • I made the text blurry to try to give it a hand-painted look. I didn’t want it to be too perfect.
  • Our pose is different because I felt this conveyed our personality better than the original pose.
  • I couldn’t find a paintbrush in PhotoShop that had the same weight and texture that the yellow and black had from the original, so I chose the next best thing I could find.
  • I wanted to get the “painted” look onto our portrait, so I added a variety of filters and adjustment layers to get it away from the photo look it had before.

I love how classic it looks. When you see other movie poster remakes, you usually see modern movie posters. The classic posters are more of a challenge for some people. But I’m happy with my results in remaking this classic movie poster.

Original Photo

The Original Portrait Courtesy of Alisha Dominguez Photography