The Magic of Golden Hour photos

Many photographers rant and rave about golden hour being the best time to take pictures. I have to say I agree with them. For the most part, the colors and richness are magnified in the hour right before the sun sets.

For me, golden hour is a hard time to get out and take photos. I am a college student right now and often have homework every night that needs finishing. It takes a lot of discipline and effort to make it out at night to get some photos taken. Here are some of the golden hour photos I have managed to take recently.

This is a beautiful field in Victor Idaho that had recently been harvested. What was left of the golden wheat complimented the beautiful colors from the golden hour this time of day.


This is the fence post of the entrance to a small pond nearby. The angles were wonderful and I thought the browns would compliment the beautiful golden colors of the wheat field behind it. In the end, this made a great photo.


This is a friend of mine who was with me while I was taking photos. She stopped for a moment and looked into the distance searching for a new place for us to stop for more photos. I don’t think she even knows I snapped this shot, but she was a great model for my photo nonetheless.


This is the pond, frozen over. This shot was taken right before some kids came by and started smashing the ice with rocks and sticks. You don’t often see fall leaves and colors with frozen ponds and snow. It was a great juxtaposition.


You should make sure to check out No Film School‘s lesson on how to use golden hour for your photos. It is made specifically for video, but there are many lessons from this that can be brought into photography also.