How I Plan to Sell My Photography Skills

I don’t plan to work for a big company with my photography skills (if the opportunity came to me, I would probably take it. But that’s beside the point.), I want to use my photography skills for freelance work. Because of this, I don’t need a creative photography resume or proof of my skills. I need something that will get my name and price out in the open.

I wanted to make a bunch of card handouts that are convenient to give to potential clients. These cards should contain all the information they need right away. Just enough info to pique their interest, but not too much so that they will visit my website and look for more. I wanted to make a different card for each service that I will provide. For now, this will include portrait photography, family photography, product photography, and announcement design (This could include pregnancy announcements, graduation announcements, baby announcements, etc.). I have designed these informational cards to look similar to announcement cards, people are usually pretty familiar with these cards so they will be perceived as more friendly.

At the moment, I don’t have enough variety of photos to make all the cards I want to produce. So I’ve made a card for both portrait photography and product photography as well as a business card. I intend to make more of these handout cards in the future when I have more examples to show potential clients.

Christie Bryant has a great example of how she plans to sell her photography here. Check out her work!