Using Photoshop to create fine art photography

Sometimes you need more than just a camera to capture an idea. In many creative photos, you need a little help from photoshop. I’ve learned a few skills with photoshop to tell a story with my photos. I would love to share my versions of fine art photography with you here.

I started my media creation journey with video production. This actually led me to my husband Tanner, but that’s a story for another day. When you study video, you know that Casablanca was one of the movies that made videography and cinematography what it is today. I wanted to pay tribute to my first love of video by making this photoshop heavy project. AmebrFugal_Casablanca Poster

I had a great time using photoshop to show my love for video in this fine art photography. Below you can see the original poster and the original photo I used.

I have always liked to laugh at ridiculous family photos from the 80s. I wanted to have my own twist on it though with the Frankenstein family I was able to photography this last Halloween. These models were so fun to work with and were eager to pose for something other than a scary picture. This is one of my favorite funny fine art Photoshop photos.


I saw a great photo on Instagram done by Sebastian Nagel. I wanted to try my hand at one of his creative yet scary portraits. I think I still have a long wat to go before my portraits and my photoshop skills look like his, but it was a good start to an attempt at a fine art portrait.



Girish Balgobin has some great ideas and tips for taking and editing fine art photos with Photoshop. Make sure to check out their work.