I’ve always loved Campbell’s tomato soup. My mom used to make it with grilled cheese when I was young. I wanted to get the concept of “cozy” or “comfy” evenings in this Advertising Photography.


I wasn’t paid for this conceptual ad, it was a part of a class I am taking. We were learning how to take product photography in different ways and with different lights.

I’m very proud of this. I wanted to highlight the can of soup the most, so I put it in the left third of the image and boosted the contrast and exposure of the can. The warmer tone of the image helps you feel the warmth of the fireplace in the background and the texture over the whole image makes it seem “homey.”


This shows my setup for this shot. You can see I used two LED’s to capture this concept ad. One was a bar light to get the backlighting and separate the objects from the background. Photography is all about angles and foreground. The subtle fireplace makes the photography warmer and the garlic right at the front ads texture and interesting angles.

Here is the original photo without any of the major edits. You can really tell the difference the text and texture makes to the whole conceptual ad.

I consider this a conceptual ad because of the extra products in the picture. Obviously you wouldn’t have a garlic clove and tomatoes with your tomato soup because those ingredients are already in the soup. These just accent the picture and make it more interesting to look at.

Have you seen any work from Sean Busher Imagery before? They have some interesting and inspiring photos. Make sure to check them out!