Production Team

We are creatives by trade. We make content ranging from video to photography and live production support. You name it, we’ll make it happen.

What We Do

We are media creators. Always eager for a new project and a new challenge. We have a variety of services with experience in a variety of aspects. 


We’ve made a range of creative, corporate, and event coverage videos. Take a look for yourself.


Engagements, highschool senior, missionary, event, and newborn photography. You want to capture the moment, we’ll get it for you. 


Live Production

With experience directing live video for crowds of over 10,000 people, Amber has hundreds of live events worth of experience. Live music and lighting 

Event Coverage

We will cover any event through video and/or photos. We can capture the feeling and excitement that was there.

Small Group Photo Shoots

Any type of photo shoot for one to three people is included. We can help you show off your beauty and style. 


We will help you advertise your business or service through engaging and informative video. 

Live Event Producing

We will help you film and broadcast your event to the people you want to share your message with. 

Check Out Our Blog

Making my first Cinemagraph

The Gaming Cinemagraph This was a fun challenge. As a photographer and videographer, I was immediately drawn to this art. This is the perfect bridge between video and photo. The video portion of the...

Conceptual Ad Photography

I've always loved Campbell's tomato soup. My mom used to make it with grilled cheese when I was young. I wanted to get the concept of "cozy" or "comfy" evenings in this Advertising Photography. I...

Awesome Outdoor Light Painting Photography

Painting Photos With Light Outdoors It's fun and easy to take out a flashlight and set your shutter speed to a few seconds. But it takes a bit of creativity to make something awesome out of...

Sky Mountain Lodge Scenery

The Scenery of Sky Mountain Lodge The Sky Mountain lodge in Victor Idaho is absolutely beautiful! The owners are very generous too. They often lend their cabin to campers and groups for special...

Indoor Tabletop Light Painting

Painting With Light in a Tabletop It can be easy to "paint with light" outside at night when it's dark. All you need is a few crazy lights and a little creativity. It can be a bit harder to paint...

Themed Portraits

Themed Portraits Near the Tetons It's good to have a theme to spark some creativity in your portraits. You can change how the portrait is portrayed by adding a themed element to it. Here I have some...

Trapped in the Camera – Cool Creative Composite

My cool creative composite - I'm trapped in a camera I have heard that every picture is a small piece of a soul. This idea got my mind spinning, What if a camera actually stole the souls of whoever...

Awesome Men Portraits

Awesome Men Portrait Photography Portrait photography is the most common type of photography. It's the easiest one to get paid for and the type the more people appreciate and gravitate to. It's...

SQIBB (Studio Quality Invisible Black Background)

Beautiful "studio" pictures without the hassle I learned the acronym SQIBB from a teacher of mine named Caryn Esplin. She is very talented and a great teacher. She teaches with acronyms a lot and...

The Scenery of Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park Scenery The Teton's have always been a big part of my life. I grew up skiing on them with my family and I see them just about every day in my backyard. It just made sense...

Let’s Work Together

Amber and Tanner are fun and easy to work with. We always want to help and learn.